Monday, April 23, 2018


Such a beautiful day here on the Island.  I hung my laundry on the line and then I began packing up my kitchen.  I got a bit ahead of myself and ended up packing up a few items I needed to make supper tonight..oops.  Thankfully, I've kept a list of what is going in each kitchen box so I was able to locate them without too much trouble.

After supper we made two more full van runs to the new place.  I cannot wait until I can look out my back window and see this vista every day!

This is our backyard and it extends to that tree and bush in the middle of the photo.  Lots of yardwork to keep us all busy!

Sunday, April 22, 2018


It was a much quieter day today which was dearly needed.  That migraine episode really threw me for a loop.  I rested most of the afternoon and evening and I thought I might have trouble sleeping.  Thankfully I slept well and felt better this morning.  Marko and the boys went to church while Emma-Lyn and I stayed home and rested.

This afternoon we took some time to pop over and talk with our sellers about some of the nitty gritty stuff.  I feel much better having hashed out exactly the plans for moving in and closing day.  Now to get through the week and finish packing up all the last bits of stuff.

This evening Marko, Sean and I enjoyed  playing Near and Far.  I LOVE this game.  So much fun stuff do and you get to go adventuring.  I thought I might win but Marko still beat me!  And even so I still totally enjoyed playing the game!

My character is in the middle--we're all out questing.  There's a map as well as a town board to play on.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


 Just a week left until the big day!

In some ways it feels like this has taken forever and in another it feels like its going by so quick.

Today was a bit of an odd day.  My wonderful hubby had to make a quick run to work this morning but not before dropping this lovely present off to me:
 Yummy coffee!

While daddy worked the kids and I watched some science videos and I tidied up from breakfast. We all had lunch together and then grabbed some stuff to bring to the new place and make a stop at the library. 

On our way home I started experiencing some weird vision problems.  It was like there was a C shaped arc that made images look like they were underwater.  And when it didn't clear quickly, I thought it would be a good idea to go to outpatients and get checked out.  Thankfully it wasn't busy   and I was able to get in and see the doctor very quickly.  He did a thorough check and from my description of symptoms was able to diagnose a premonitory aura of a migraine.  The aura had already begun to dissipate while I had been waiting and the headache was setting in.

Marko came and picked me up and I rested for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Still feeling a bit off this evening but hopefully feeling better in the morning.  I've never experienced anything like that before and I'm very glad it wasn't anything more serious. 
And this is the state of my living room right now...can't wait to get this stuff outta here!

Friday, April 20, 2018


And another day bites the dust.  The kids enjoyed having their friend Jake over while I worked at packing more boxes and dusting and wiping down all the walls upstairs.  Needless to say I'm bushed but happy with all that got accomplished today.

 I forgot to post this on Awana award night.  Sean completed his Trek book and he was mighty pleased with his achievment.

Since everything is all moved around and different, the kids decided this made for some more interesting hide and seek options.  This is Nate counting and Levi being all stealth behind the curtains!

I'll admit I was not looking forward to all the wiping of the walls so I was overjoyed when my wonderful friend, Alyson offered her Norwex mop to use for the big job.  I need to get me one of these!  I love Norwex products and this is definitely on my wish list!  I may have to book a Norwex party soon!

Normally I have a meal plan in place and we do supper that way.  But with all this moving stuff, the plan has kinda fell by the wayside and I didn't have anything ready to go.  I was happy with just doing breakfast for supper but Marko had other ideas.  We headed over to Eden's Gate and tried out their Burger Love offering.
 This is Sindulgence and it was delicious.  It was a great way to end a busy week.  Here's to next week and all the mighty crazy it might bring!

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Just nine more days to go.  I brought down some furniture from
upstairs and sold our microwave and gave away a bookshelf today! 
Tomorrow I hope to dust and wipe down the walls upstairs!

Tonight was the kids last night of AWANA for the year and it was the big Grand
Prix event.  The kids were super excited!  They got to decorate their
cars earlier and then put them up on the race track.  They had a lot of

Getting ready to let them GO!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Countdown is On---Ten...

Just ten more days before we finally get everything packed up in a trailer and trucks and vans and take it all  to the new place!! 

And people keep asking me if I'm excited.  I'm sure I must be, but at this point I'm just focused on all the things we need to do before we move.  Still more boxes to pack, appointments to keep and clean up to do.

And today the kids and I brought some goodies to our neighbours as a little good-bye treat.  I made some shortbread, chocolate and molasses cookies. 

 Our little plate of goodies and little message attached.

And this is my little Do-Gooder Posse! We're serious when we bring cookies to our neighbours!!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Life Has Been a Little Chaotic!

So yeah--life got all kinds of crazy after January.  Our contract with our real estate agent expired pretty near the same day that an actual offer came in!! We FINALLY SOLD OUR HOUSE!!
 I had already ripped the sign out of the ground--oops!

So since then we have been packing and decluttering as we prepare to move at the end of this month.

In the midst of that big change Marko's dad got quite sick and we were caught in a bit of a run around trying to talk to different doctors/nurses in BC to find out what needed to be done.  There was some points where we thought that Marko and his sister might need to make an emergency trip out there.  Since then, his dad has made a great recovery and is now living in an assisted living environment.

Also I've been looking into Levi's health. I do have some concerns about some of his behaviours.  I've met with a pediatrician and it was decided to investigate further. Levi will have a preschool assessment with an occupational therapist, psychologist and pediatritian just before we move.

And of course you have the regular ups and downs of homeschooling and parenting and all that jazz. As you can imagine, it got a little overwhelming by times and my blog was the first to suffer from all the crazy.

Also--my old laptop died and I have a new one so I'm enjoying trying out my new tech.