Saturday, October 14, 2017

14 Years Later

This past Wednesday marked Marko and my 14th Anniversary! We didn't really come up with much of a plan beforehand but by the morning of, Marko decided it would be nice to hit the town and go out for supper and then the Small Print Cafe for some boardgames!

I made homemade mac n' cheese for the kids and once Marko got home we were on our way.  We didn't make a reservation anywhere and hoped we'd quickly come up with a restaurant to try.  We ended up at Terre Rouge and enjoyed their burger.


Then we were off to Small Print.  Such a great place.  We always enjoy a round or two of Machi Koro as seen here:
 This is Marko right after I whooped him!!

Then we tried a new game to us called King of Tokyo.  As we were stumbling at learning it, a gentleman happened to be standing by and gave us pointers on how to play.

 We really enjoyed this game and are hoping to get a copy for ourselves.

We finished off our night with a couple of rounds of  Unusual Suspects.  This is a fun twist on the classic Guess Who game.  We had fun with this one too!

 And there we are after a fun night out.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

More Thanksgiving Fun!

 We had our own little family turkey dinner on Sunday night:
 We had turkey, cranberry sauce, turnip, potatoes, green and yellow beans and rolls--so yummy. I love that Marko was so willing to help get things on the table and we were able to tackle Thanksgiving dinner as a team!

That night Marko and I decided since we haven't had much action on selling our house why not take down some more wall paper!  That sounds like a super fun thing to do at 10 o'clock at night!

 The ugly paper that was on the wall

And the ugly paper that was hiding underneath:
 Yuck!  But it hasn't been too hard to get off so I won't complain.

On Monday we went up to St.Peter's for a picnic and then up to Greenwich for a trail walk.  Auntie Linda, Daniel and Grammie Peric joined us.  The day was perfect-- sunny and warm.

Greenwich is one of my favourite beaches--I just love the dunes and the trails are delightful! 

The floating boardwalk:

Down at the beach:

Emma-Lyn took this panoramic shot:

Today has been one crazy day!  I still had more wallpaper to take down and the kids had piano lessons and friends were coming here for their piano lessons as well.  So I was just puttering away and had started the tap to get my dishes going--it fills slowly so I thought I'd just peel a few layers and return to finish the dishes...I returned just in time to watch the water slide across my kitchen floor as our piano teacher and daughter came in as well.  That was fun to clean up!  I joked with Claire that wouldn't it be funny if someone called to see the house after that!! HAHAHA! And then five minutes later the phone rings and yes, someone would like to see the house at 2:30!! 

Now it was time to kick it into high gear and get the kids cleaning upstairs while I tackled downstairs and laundry and Claire plugged on with the piano lessons.  At this time Denise and her boys showed up and they were quickly conscripted to tidy up!  So very thankful for all their help!

We left at 12:30 to get ready for our homeschool group down the street.  The kids learned about their kidneys and bladders.  We are very fortunate to have a dad that works as a nurse and he did a fantastic presentation for the group!
The kids enjoyed being a part of putting the model together.

As for the house showing it seems that the people aren't interested--but ya never know.  We'll see what comes.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Thanksgiving Day Fun!

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  It was a gorgeous day here on the Island with temperatures hitting above 20 degrees!  The Hopes came for a quick visit and we jam packed it full of fun and adventure.

First off, they showed up on our doorstep earlier than we expected so we were just getting breakfast on the table when they arrived.  The kids were thrilled to be able to have their Smarties right after their cereal!

No sooner did we have the table cleared and dishes done and we were on our way to the apple orchard. So many varieties and so yummy.  We picked some Spartan, Jona Gold, Honey Gold and Northern Spy.  The Hopes loaded up on the Jona Gold.
 So delicious!

 The Hopes wandering in the orchard.

 Family photo time!

After our fun in the orchard we came home for lunch.  Gramma Hope brought Beppe's soup and homemade bread and Pake's cheese and ham.  We added some other goodies and filled our bellies full of good food.  For dessert we had my strawberry apple crisp.  Unfortunately we didn't quite have enough and Gramma and Grampa shared a bowl... 

Let us call the next set of photos, The Progression of the Silver Spoon:
 Here we see Grampa Hope is quite pleased that he has the spoon while we see Gramma Hope plotting how she'll snag that spoon!

 Aha!  The whipped cream has arrived and Grampa is distracted by all it's sugary goodness and Gramma Hope makes her stealthy move...
 Grampa Hope is still delighting in the whipped cream while Gramma smiles all the while fiendishly stroking the silver spoon of victory!

 HA! Grampa Hope suddenly realizes the spoon is no longer in his possession--makes a lame attempt at retrieving it.  Gramma Hope is not to be trifled with--she is NOT going to give back that spoon.  Marko being the keeper of peace and sanity steps in and offers a second spoon.

 Here we now see the loving couple of 48 years count down to the first bite of their dessert...3...2...1
 And they're in!!

 And Gramma gets the first taste of pure sweet deliciousness!

After all that food we thought it only fitting to walk off some of the calories by going for a walk on the Beck's Trail. We walked a good four kilometers in the wonderful warmth of the sun.  It did get a little antsy as we were nearing the end as we were cutting it close to when the Hopes would have to catch the ferry home.  They made it away okay and are happily safe and sound on the mainland once again.

A few shots from our walk:

 I love the colours of autumn!

 As we walked I happened to notice this wee fella just watching us pass by.  I did have a passing desire to pick him up but thought I'd only end up squealing and throwing him on the ground and felt it best for all involved if I just left him there.

And this lovely shot of Gramma was just after she nearly got beaned by a stick...Who threw the stick you may ask?  Marko--Marko threw the stick and in his defense he said, "Wow, Gramma you got going faster than I expected!" Haha--that could have made for some interesting Thanksgiving memories!

Yep, nothing out of the ordinary here just steering around the tree.

At one moment Marko, Levi and I were well back from the pack and I thought I'd see if we could get some little birds to check us out and this little guy came down to greet us.
 Just love the vibrant reds and yellows!

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Strawberry Picking in October?!

 Yes, Please!!  A friend of mine treated us to some very yummy late in the season strawberries.  What a way to start the day.  We brought them home and the kids helped hull them and get them packed into the freezer.

Later my friend Anne popped in with fresh green and yellow beans and cherry tomatoes!  It was a Home Ec. kinda day as the kids continued to help get the fresh produce ready for freezing.  It's going to be a very yummy winter in the Peric household!

In the afternoon a new friend popped in to talk about homeschooling and how to get started.  I love meeting new people and helping them on their homeschooling journey.  Hopefully what I shared will help and not overwhelm her.

With the day being so wonderfully bright and warm I took the kids down to the waterfront for some exploring.  Nate and Emma-Lyn brought their bikes while Sean, Levi and I walked.  Levi kept up a steady stream of chatter as we walked.

It was so lovely just to soak up some sunshine and just let the kids wander about.  While we may have let a day at the books slip by we certainly filled the day with good things to eat and good things to do.

 So delicious!

 One very happy strawberry picker!

 Down at the waterfront.

Oh, and we made a yummy strawberry apple crisp!  So yummy!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

More Apples, a Birthday and Mary Kay Fun

Sunday afternoon was gorgeous and the apple orchard was calling our name!  This time we filled up on one of my favourites which is Gala! It was great to also bump into friends from town who also were drawn to the same orchard!
 So many yummy apples to pick!

After the orchard it was time to head over to Uncle Henk and Auntie Linda's to help celebrate Uncle Henk's birthday:

 Sparklers are always a good idea no matter what age you are!

This afternoon my wonderful friend Denise and I had the treat of a Mary Kay make over. My amazing friend Linda who is a Mary Kay Director extraordinaire, sent me my make up goodies after I participated in trying out a new product.  Denise and I had a ball cleansing and then beautifying our faces. I LOVE the results!

The before:
 The after:
We practicaly glow!

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Ladies Conference and Apple Picking

 This past weekend I enjoyed a lovely time in Summerside for the Annual Ladies Conference.  It was wonderful to chat and catch up with friends and listen to some truly inspiring messages and even enjoy some painting fun!

Kara LOVES to paint! LOL

 The masterpiece:

The attempt at a masterpiece:
 I'm impressed with what we managed considering the time constraint and the lack of art instruction--we just went to it and enjoyed the process.

On Tuesday our homeschool group went to MacPhee's apple orchard.  It was exceptionally hot that day!  It did not feel like a fall apple picking day but more of a summer play at the beach day.  We did enjoy our time and now have lots of Gingergold apples to enjoy!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

So Much to Update You on...So Little Time..

 I'm so sorry for not posting sooner but September has become quite a busy month!

Our homeschool group started up again with a fun bagpipe demonstration by the ever talented Jordan Chowen.  He and his pipe band from the College of Piping in Summerside won the world championships this past summer in Scotland!  It was such a treat to hear him play and explain how the instrument worked.

Jordan with crazy Nate!  Jordan is also our step dance instructor.  Step dance has also started!  Our first class was tonight and we were all pretty pumped to be back at it again!

About two weeks ago my friend Michelle and I went on a wild adventure to Quebec City.  We attended an HSLDA conference for homeschoolers.  We had a great time! Our French is not great but everyone we met was very friendly and knew at least some English...

 Here we are on our way...

 Entering Quebec!
 Our Hotel.

 We had some time to tour the city before heading out on a little cruise on the St. Lawerence.

 Chateau Frontenac!
 Samuel De Champlain
 Gotta get your Starbucks!
 Funicular view!

We enjoyed a lovely time on our cruise.

The conference speakers were amazing and we left feeling refreshed and ready to take on our homeschooling year with vim and vigor.

We were just 25 kilometers from New Brunswick when the van went, "Boom--flap, flap, flap..." Not encouraging sounds and then it started to smell like gasoline.  Thankfully Michelle has a CAA membership and she was able to call for a tow.  Did I mention that it was Sunday and that everything is closed on Sundays?!!  The van was towed to the mechanic's and we got settled in a nearby Econolodge for the night.

This was our take on our situation that night.

The next morning was a bit hectic but things did eventually get figured out even if it meant back tracking to Riviere Du Loup. We were back on the road by supper time and I was finally in my own bed by a little after three in the morning on Tuesday! We did write up another ditty to sing after we were back on PEI but we were just too tired to sing it.

Since then the Peric Academy has opened for sessions once again. The kids are keen and we're taking things easy as we settle into our routine.

 And while we are in the midst of that, we thought it might be fun to include selling our house into the mix for good measure!

And this past weekend I took Emma-Lyn on a special date. Her big 10 birthday is coming up in January which means we do something extra special to celebrate.  She had been hoping for a summer party but we weren't able to swing that in time.  Instead I took her horseback riding which she dearly loved.

 Such a fun time spent together!
Tomorrow we start up piano lessons again and we'll tackle some more homeschool stuff together.

Ooh and there was that morning when I found the neighbour's cat and her newborn kittens beside my front porch--that was exciting.  My neighbour did come by and collect her cat and kittens but we enjoyed the little family while they were with us.