Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We Were On Vacation Part 2

On Tuesday we went to the Wild Life Park in Twin Rivers and went shopping in Sydney and then home for some cottage relaxing time. In the evening we enjoyed a little bonfire complete with s'mores.

 Pretty handsome bird!

 A very tired and hot cougar.
 A reindeer!

 The kids feeding a deer.

 Another colourful bird.
 A quizzical emu.

There were some fun monkey bars to play on at the park as well.

I managed to pick up a few books at a thrift store...

On Wednesday we drove to Glace Bay and checked out the Miner's Museum and the Marconi Historic Site.  We stopped in Albert Bridge for some yummy ice cream and finished off the day down on the Mira.
 One of our tour companions happily pointed out that the year was the last time the Leafs won the cup...Thanks for that reminder.

It was wild to walk down into the mine and listen to Wish tell us what it was actually like to mine for the mining company--just to hear his stories made your blood boil!

 It was sooo dark down there!

 I think he said that the pit ponies would stay in the mine for 6 months before coming back up for a break--I couldn't imagine that!

 Levi was so funny in the mine--he could have stood right up tall but because everyone else was ducking and bending over he did too--so cute!

After the mine tour a few of the kids went for a pony ride.
 Pretty sure this was the highlight of Emma-Lyn's day.

 Nate was pretty pleased as well.

 Levi was a little less sure but still had a fun time.

We followed that up with checking out the Marconi Historic Site.  It was just a wee place, but the kids enjoyed trying their hand at morse code.

A very gorgeous view from where Marconi's towers  once stood.

The yummy ice cream at Albert Bridge.

Back at the cottage, Sean pushed Levi in the kayak over to the swim dock.
 Levi was pleased as punch to finally be able to stand and dance on the dock!
 Our little bonfire.

Thursday was packing day and heading down to Pictou County to spend some time with my folks. 

We went through Baddeck and visited the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. 

  I thought this was interesting to see how much is involved in making one sound.

We stopped in Aulds Cove for lunch at the Big Stop.  I was so surprised to see my friend Giles there!  Of course I squealed and ran over to his table to give him a hug--totally embarrassing the rest of my family!

  And once we were finished our meal and stepped out of the restaurant we were just in time to watch a train pass through...The kids were thrilled!

 Spot the Islanders watching a real train that actually moves on tracks!!

From there it was a straight shot to Salem to set up camp and settle in at my folks place.

We had a professional photo session the next day which was followed up with yummy watermelon on the deck.

The kids fished in the pond and each caught a fish.
 Sean being a good big brother and letting Levi hold the fishing pole with him.  Levi was pretty pumped as well.

 Miss Emma-Lyn with her fish.

Another lovely surprise was to have my cousins Sara and Katie come for a quick visit!

On Saturday we headed for home to catch the 2:45 boat but it was packed and we did not make the sailing.  So we headed out and drove all the way around via the bridge.  We all enjoyed the drive that felt like we were prolonging our vacation.  We stopped in Borden at the Gateway Village for supper and hit home around 8:30--all very tired but very happy with our first family vacation.

Love coming home to visit!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

We Were On Vacation! Part One

 We headed out on our first real family vacation on the 31st of July.  We were off to Cape Breton to a little cottage called Hearts Content located on the Mira River.
 Welcome to Cape Breton!!

We were all really excited about our little cottage and it did not disappoint.  I'm sure we could have spent our entire vacation there and been completely satisfied with our experience.

 Walk way down to our dock.
 And the swimming dock.

 The view of our cottage from the dock.

 Our little deck.

The sun room.

After getting settled into our cottage we headed up to Sydney to get supplies and grab some supper.
 We grabbed foot long subs from Subway so that we would have lunch for the following day when we'd be exploring Fortress Louisbourg.

The kids found a little Bingo game which they adored.
 They spent lots of quality time playing Bingo together.  And we played a round as a family that first night.

We were up bright and early the next morning to head into Louisbourg. 
 The bus you take to the Fortress.
 Wandering on the grounds.  The kids had a fantastic time using their explore guides they were given to take in all that the Fortress had to offer.

 We spent quite some time with this gentleman as he explained the conditions at the Fortress at the time of 1745.  He explained to the boys what their life would have been like had they lived there.
 And he shared with Emma-Lyn as well.  All of the staff were wonderful and stayed mostly in character for the duration of our visit.

 Checking out the blacksmith shop.
 They bake bread there--it smelled and tasted heavenly!

 Fun to try and imagine just how busy these streets would have been in 1745.

 The soldiers in the guard house getting ready to parade to the Kings Bastion.

 Sean was pretty pleased to be able to hold a soldier's musket.

 The Kings Bastion grounds.  They fired muskets and two cannons.  Wow!! The cannon's boom just about takes your breath away.  In the silence that followed the boom Levi piped up with, "I HATE the cannons!!"
 And the smoke was something else!

 Levi found a chair just his size!

 The kids were all, "Look mom we could have fit in these barrels!"

 We stayed for the better part of over five hours and it was hot and we were sweaty so we headed out around four for our cottage.

 It was definitely time to unwind with some water fun!!
Stay tuned for the next installment about our travels.